Opening the EU Sew in Lviv: photoreport

On June 20, annual European sustainable energy week was solemny opened in Lviv. How it was – take a look at the photos. 112475455

For opening words from distingueshed guests, a traditional stage was symbolically replaced with green grass carpet. Event was solemny opened by Jan Tombinski, Ambassador, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, and Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy.112477104.jpg (448×298)112074287

EU SEW opening ceremony took place on the main Lviv Rynok square. Even though an event happened in the Monday’s morning, a lot of interested citizens gathered on the square to observe it.


Official opening of the SEW was closed with children’s flash-mob “Energy of Urkaine”: 100 pupils of Lviv schools with small Ukrainian flags have figured a map of Ukraine on the Rynok square.


Since Lviv is one of 71 Ukrainian cities that signed a Covenant of Mayors, it is obliged to reduce its energy consumption and increase a part of renewable energy sources in their energy balance.


After the ceremony, Anrdiy Sadovy launched a velo ride “Movement energy” that aimed xepopularisation of bicycling in Ukraine.


Throughout the day, Lviv residents as well as numerous SEW guests from other cities participated in velo rides, watched movies by spinning the pedals of velogenerator, visited exhibitions of energy efficient equipment and learned how to insulate their houses easily. For children, quests and educational games were organised. All these events were united by a common goal: to recall Ukrainians that energy efficient ways of life consists of simple steps of each of us.


Inspite of the cloudy sky, guests were invited to taste coffee made on solar concentrator. Later that day, Ecoclub taught visitors to build up a solar collector, which could provide warm water for a normal residence building.


This year the European Sustainalbe Energy Week lasts till June 27 and takes place in different cities of Urkaine. Detailed information on the events planned you can find in the section “Events in Ukraine”.


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