Cycling Training in the framework of the European Sustainable Energy Week

DSC_001 (227)On June 29, 2014 at 12.00 the Kyiv Cyclist Association together withthe EU-funded project ‘Support to Implementation of Transport Strategy of Ukraine’ is offering a free of charge cycling training on traffic safety within the framework of European Sustainable Energy Week. The event will take place at Kontraktova Square, next to Monument to Skovoroda.

The training trip  program includes:

  • a bicycle technical inspection and comments – 15 min
  • introduction to road traffic safety rules for a cyclist – 15 min
  • a trip through the district with learning the road traffic rules – 60 min
  • rest in the park and discussion on unclear issues – 30 miin

During this trianing trip you will learn:

  • where and how a cyclist should move in the city
  • which road traffic rules should a cyclist know and follow
  • how a cyclist may pass major road junctions
  • what road traffic signs mean
  • how a cyclist may turn to the left
  • how a cycllist may pass a roundabout
  • where a cyclist shall not ride

You will also receive a memory brochure – How to Ride Bicycle Safe’ and gifts from the Kyiv Cyclist Association and its partner – STS EU Project.



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